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Mark Culverson | Division Manager

Mark joined Larson Manufacturing to launch the Sound Control Systems division in 1996. He has over 40 years of experience in the window and door industry and is a leading industry expert in sound abatement, working with government agencies, airports, hotels/motels, architectural firms, universities, and industry-leading contractors. He has even received a United States Patent for his design of the Tandem Window Assembly System.

Mark manages acoustical product development, oversees, and reviews all product testing and product certifications. Under Mark’s direction, Sound Control Systems has collaborated with the Minneapolis Airport Commission (MAC) Sound Insulation Program to ensure sound insulation standards are met in homes near the Minneapolis airport.

Recently, SCS developed a line of acoustical historic wood window products for use in the San Diego QHP program’s Loma Portal neighborhood. Mark has also completed the design and certification of a line of acoustical windows that are Miami-Dade County approved; meeting the stringent hurricane and impact rating requirements, for use in the Ft. Lauderdale Sound Insulation Program. Mark is currently involved in the development of high-insulating (R-5) window products for use in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Program (BTP). Mark also works with the National Park Service on many projects to find sound solutions for historically relevant landmarks in need of increased energy efficiency and/or sound control solutions. Mark is also a distinguished contributor of the ACRP Report 89 – Guidelines for Airport Sound Insulation Programs.

Mark’s fenestration experience includes the replacement, renovation and restoration of window and door products for historic projects. His experience includes cataloging historic fenestration conditions, outlining the repair and/or replacement strategy required to complete the project, preparing drawings for historic review and approval, and in several cases, providing the installation services required to complete the work. Historic projects of mention include: Campus of Notre Dame – Main Administration Building, James J. Hill Mansion, Mayowood Mansion – Dr. Charles H. Mayo Home, San Diego RSIP – Port Loma – Historic Registered Homes, Seattle RSIP – Historic Homes, Schmidt Brewery, Pillsbury A-Mill, Lowerton Lofts, Soo-Line Building, Carleton Place, Ripley Gardens, and Riverpark Lofts.

Mark is a licensed residential contractor in the state of Minnesota, and is a LEED certified renovator.


Jim Farmer | National Sales Representative

Jim has 23 years of experience in the window and door industry and has been with Sound Control Systems for the last eight years. He is known for building working relationships with architects, consultants, and general contractors. Jim has a knack for knowing which Sound Control Systems product will work best for your project and how to solve the sound and/or energy problem you are experiencing, all while keeping your project on budget. Jim says, “Our goal at Sound Control Systems is to be a good partner with our clients and to bring a quality product to the industry. We also strive to insure a better quality of living to the residents and occupants of homes and buildings using our products.”

Dan Hamilton | Sound Control Systems Manager

Dan has over a dozen years of experience in the door and window industry. His years of experience in assembly, quality assurance, inside sales, and purchasing give Dan a competitive advantage. He understands the importance of sound abatement for homeowners, contractors and architects and easily communicates Sound Control Systems quotes, plans and drawing data to the appropriate party in your organization.  Dan is an expert in customer problem solving and has been working exclusively with Sound Control Systems since 2014. Dan is tasked with communicating with Sound Control Systems clients from project concept to project completion. He reviews and processes complex quote and order requests, reviews project specifications, and develops strategies to adapt to different clients.


Kelly Nordgaard | Lead Design Engineer

Kelly has over 30 years of experience in the window and door industry, working with both prime doors and windows and storm doors and windows. Kelly has multiple U.S. patents issued for his work.

Additionally, Kelly ensures Sound Control Systems products function, perform, and meet sound abatement and energy efficiency standards. Kelly works with the Sound Control Systems team to develop product concepts and specifications to meet customer needs and directs the overall product design effort. Kelly is tasked with providing technical drawings for prototyping and production.

“I enjoy Sound Control Systems projects and like to see them through. I care that the project is done right and that the customer is happy with the result.”

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