A Sound Solution to Satisfy Hotel Guests

Reduce Noise from Airports, Highways and Nearby Hotspots to Avoid Negative Reviews of Your Property

When travelling for business or pleasure, a good night’s sleep can make or break your trip. In fact, a recent J.D. Power & Associates Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey found that noise was one of the top concerns.

Once someone chooses a travel destination, planning begins. Enter: time-to-make-a-plan moments, when people turn to a device, setting the wheels in motion for the hotel research process.

Top things travelers look for before booking include hotel reviews. *It is estimated that a hotel risks losing 22% of bookings due to negative reviews. A negative review from a recent guest about noise may mean losing a sale every time the review is read.

Before you spend a fortune hiring a contractor, securing a building permit, and purchasing replacement windows, contact Sound Control Systems. As a leader in sound abatement, we have window and door products that mount inside to reduce noise, up to 50%.**

Our innovative comfortSEAL interior windows can be installed in ten minutes, from inside each room, without a contractor or building permit. Don’t worry about losing out on occupancy – the window panel can be installed by your maintenance team in the same amount of time it takes to change the sheets!

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve successfully retrofitted existing windows with comfortSEAL interior windows in major hotel chains across the U.S., in cities like Atlanta, Louisville and Seattle.

*Google/TNS, global travel survey, U.S., Apr. 2016
**Proven 50% noise reduction. Based on STC testing performed by an independent laboratory of Larson I200 window installed with a 2-in airspace over a wood primary window with a 1/8-in glass and ¾-in insulated glass with two panes of 1/8-in glass. Actual results may vary based on the existing window and types of noise present.

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