Multi-Family & Light Commercial

Sound Control Systems tandem windows are independently tested and meet or exceed AAMA Certification Rating of DW-LC-35 for light commercial applications. These windows have STC ratings of 40-46, the highest in the industry, providing maximum noise control.

According to MultiFamily Executive, apartment completions reached a 30-year high in 2017. With a tight labor market, high material costs, and millennials delaying marriage and home buying, many Americans are opting to rent spaces instead of buying homes. Attract new tenants and keep your current tenants longer by providing quiet and energy-efficient spaces.

Did you know, “ninety-two percent of renters in the NMHC 2018 Consumer Housing Insights Survey said they wish they had an environment that would promote better sleep? Providing a retreat starts with sound attenuation, as 91% of renters say soundproof walls are important to them.”

Keep the outside noise out and draw new tenants in. Work with Sound Control Systems to find solutions that make sense and that are on budget for your property.

*Multifamily Executive,  Apartment Completions Reach 30-Year High in 2017, Brian Croce