Home. It’s a sanctuary, a refuge, and a place for rest and relaxation. Outside noise like lawn mowers, snow blowers, traffic, trains, airplanes, and sirens make homes less comfortable. Drafty windows come with hefty energy costs and low thermal performance.

We have many solutions to keep the outside noise out and to increase energy efficiency. Our variety of tandem windows and ComfortSEAL windows provide several options to make time at home more enjoyable. These windows offer ultimate thermal performance and sound deadening characteristics.

Plus, our windows maximize daylight while providing a flush fitting appearance. Multiple color options allow for choosing interior and exterior colors to fit the structure’s design aesthetic.

At Sound Control Systems, we focus on beating industry standards and creating quality-crafted windows. We’ve worked alongside builders, contractors and architects to provide sound solutions for homes all over the United States. Contact us to learn about our sound abatement products for your next residential project.